[ace-users] MPC Question regarding install= option in .mpc files using gnuace

Chad Elliott elliott_c at ociweb.com
Fri Jun 15 15:48:32 CDT 2007


> The .mpc file option "install=<directory>", when using gnuace, simply
> puts a symbolic link
> in <directory> to the actual executable which is located in the build
> directory. With -type vc71 projects, the install option actually copies the
> executable to <directory>. Is there a way to mimic this behaviour when
> using gnuace ?
> Thanks for your time and attention.

In your platform_macros.GNU, set the the LN_S macro to cp -p.

LN_S = cp -p

Copies will be made instead of symbolic links.  However, you must be aware that
building the executable or library more than once will not copy to the target
location (because it already exists there).


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