[ace-users] Proposed SCTP enhancements in ACE

Andy Stafford ajstafford at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 09:18:20 CDT 2007

All --

I am currently looking to enhance support for SCTP sockets in ACE.
Specifically, I am adding support for multiple streams within an SCTP
association, supporting 1-to-many style sockets, and adding hooks for
clients to receive SCTP event notifications.

In my opinion, the current SCTP file/class names (SOCK_SEQPACK_*) are
misleading because the underlying socket type is SOCK_STREAM (1-to-1
style).  I would like to use these file/class names for the enhanced
1-to-many implementation, but this would likely break current clients
of the SOCK_SEQPACK_* classes if/when I merge these changes back to
the main development line.  Therefore, my current plan is to create
the following new classes:


I have created a new branch in subversion named "ACE_SCTP".  I will
post here when I make significant updates.  If you have any interest
in this work and would like to review my enhancements please let me


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