[ace-users] [installation] having problems building ACE/TAO forvxworks.

Thomas Lockhart Thomas.Lockhart at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jun 18 10:29:45 CDT 2007

> I've downloaded the correct sources and stated building ACE and TAO but 
> now it fails when compiling with this error:
> g++    -I/home/jr-simoes/Applications/ACE_wrappers -DACE_NDEBUG 
> -DACE_BUILD_DLL  -c  -o .shobj/Dirent.o Dirent.cpp
> /usr/include/dirent.h: In function ‘int ACE_OS::readdir_r(ACE_DIR*, 
> dirent*, dirent**)’:
> /usr/include/dirent.h:187: error: too few arguments to function ‘int 
> readdir_r(DIR*, dirent*, dirent**)’

You (probably) have the wrong compiler. And definitely have the wrong 
include files. You might note the complaint about /usr/include/dirent.h, 
but /usr/include should not show up in your build since everything 
should be coming from your VxWorks installation.

I'm not sure what your cross-compiler is called, but plain "g++" is 
probably not the right thing. For my PPC targets, the compiler is called 
"c++ppc". The implicit use of /usr/include in your search path is 
probably coming from /usr/bin/g++.


                      - Tom

Thomas Lockhart
Supervisor, Realtime Software Group
Interferometry and Large Optical Systems

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