[ace-users] REgarding ACE_Asynch_Acceptor

Krishna_Subramaniam Krishna_Subramaniam at satyam.com
Tue Jun 19 01:12:57 CDT 2007

Hi All,


I have written a TCP server using Asynchronous I/O in Windows 2003, SP1.
The server works for some time in without issues, but after sometime,
the ACE_Asynch_Acceptor::make_handler() method throws exception while
creating the handler object, though there is enough memory available in
the system. I have overridden the Asynch_Acceptor's handle_connect
method to print some log messages. I have also overridden the handler's
open and addresses method and both methods has a log message as the
first statement. This message has never got into the log file once the
issues crops up.


Has anyone faced such problems? Since we are having this problem for
quite sometime I would like to get some pointers as to where to look
into for this issue or if there is any problems with windows 2003 SP1.


Thanks in advance,



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