[ace-users] "unresolved symbols" on Windows

Muthuvel muthuvel.sivaprakasam at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 08:11:08 CDT 2007

I am also getting unresolved symbol error when linking with ACE in linux. If
__ACE_INLINE__ defined, we are including inline function in the same .h
file. I would like to know any other type of inlining  we are using in ACE
build to resolve this issue.


On 6/19/07, Steve Huston <shuston at riverace.com > wrote:
> Hi Stew,
> > I built ACE 5.5.1 using the VS8 solution on Windows Vista. I copied
> > ACE.dll and ACE.lib to folder that is located in my PATH variable
> > (call this folder ACELIB). I created my application project that
> uses
> > ACE and added ACELIB as an additional library directory.  My
> > application compiles correctly and the linker finds ACE.lib.
> However,
> > the linker is unable to resolve any of the ACE symbols. Any ideas?
> A common cause for this type of thing is a mismatch between the inline
> settings of how ACE was built and how your application is built. If
> mismatched, your app's build thinks the inlineable methods are not
> inlined and reside in ACE.dll, but the ACE build was done the other
> way, expecting apps to inline the methods, so they're not actually in
> ACE.lib/dll.
> If this doesn't help, please use the PROBLEM-REPORT-FORM and supply
> more details, or consider use of commercial support services.
> Best regards,
> -Steve
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