[ace-users] [ace-bugs] [tao-bugs] ACE/TAO build: Problems building on amd64/x86_64 Solaris 10

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Tue Jun 19 08:18:04 CDT 2007


> That did the trick; I have 5.5.8 building with the stock 
> Solaris 10 x64
> GCC (3.4.3). 
> For giggles, I tried a couple older packages -- it looks like 
> the latest
> release package, 5.5.0, has the same linkage problem, but, 
> e.g.,  5.5.6
> works properly. 
> For production software use, am I better off going with the slightly
> older version, or is the current "Beta Kit" more stable?

The current "beta kit" is more stable, check http://remedy.nl for the test
statistics. Most of our customers are using a "beta kit" for production
software, including critical systems. We as Remedy IT do call it "micro
releases", the term beta is (according to us) more from the past when things
wheren't tested as much and most beta's years ago didn't build out of the


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