[tao-users] [ace-users] [installation]having problems building ACE/TAO forvxworks.

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Tue Jun 19 14:15:52 CDT 2007


> >  IDL: I don't understand the '-Sorb' option
> >  Since it reports that it doesn't have the -Sorb option I 
> run tao_idl
> >  --help and checked if the option was there or not.
> And? What was the result of checking tao_idl for that option??
> I do not have my log of my VxWorks build, but the log of the 
> Linux build 
> which produced tao_idl indicates that -Sorb was a valid argument. So 
> what version of tao_idl is in your /usr/local/bin/ ?

With the latest version of tao_idl, use "tao_idl -v" to get the version


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