[ace-users] event handler of a reactor is called in wich thread context ?

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Jun 20 03:04:23 CDT 2007


>Version: 5.5.8
>host: windows xp sp2, suse linux enterprise server 9 sp2
>compiler: vs.net 2003, gcc 3.3.3
>In Dr. Doug's book, there is the following text:
>     When a event occurs, the event handler will be called in the
>owner's thread context.

Which book/page are you referring to?  I don't see this in the C++NPv2

>While I don't think so. it should be:
>    The event handler will be called in the thread context which runs
>the run_reactor_event_loop.
>right ?

It depends on which reactor's you're referring to.  Which reactor are
you using?

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