[ace-users] MPC Question regarding install= option in .mpc files using gnuace

kfjethro kfjethro at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 21:42:52 CDT 2007


Thanks for the info. I was also wondering if it is
possible to just build the executable in a specified
directory, similar to the way VDIR can be used with
gnuace to specify object file locations. We're looking for
a way to keep objects and executables separate from
our source code so we avoid problems with the code
revision software that we are using.

Thanks, Steve

On 6/15/07, Chad Elliott <elliott_c at ociweb.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> > The .mpc file option "install=<directory>", when using gnuace, simply
> > puts a symbolic link
> > in <directory> to the actual executable which is located in the build
> > directory. With -type vc71 projects, the install option actually copies the
> > executable to <directory>. Is there a way to mimic this behaviour when
> > using gnuace ?
> > Thanks for your time and attention.
> >
> In your platform_macros.GNU, set the the LN_S macro to cp -p.
> LN_S = cp -p
> Copies will be made instead of symbolic links.  However, you must be aware that
> building the executable or library more than once will not copy to the target
> location (because it already exists there).
> HTH,
> Chad

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