[ace-users] MPC Question regarding install= option in .mpc files using gnuace

Chad Elliott elliott_c at ociweb.com
Thu Jun 21 06:21:51 CDT 2007

Hi Steve,

> Chad:
> Thanks for the info. I was also wondering if it is
> possible to just build the executable in a specified
> directory, similar to the way VDIR can be used with
> gnuace to specify object file locations. We're looking for
> a way to keep objects and executables separate from
> our source code so we avoid problems with the code
> revision software that we are using.

Not with the 'gnuace' project type.  The generic 'make' does what you want,
however it doesn't have any of the built-in settings that the 'gnuace' project
type provides (through the platform_macros.GNU).

Have you considered using clone_build_tree.pl (located in $MPC_ROOT)?  It
provides a way to keep the revision controlled software free of things like
generated makefiles, object files and binary targets.  It creates a separate
tree structure that is identical to the original except that all the files are
symbolic links back to the original files.

We use this method for our nightly builds and it works quite nicely.


> Thanks, Steve

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