[ace-users] ACE BUG: C2733 compiler error of version 5.5.8 and 5.5.9.

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Jun 27 09:54:04 CDT 2007


        The TProactor is not supported by the DOC group.  I recommend
you either

. Contact Alex Libman to see if he can fix this problem

. Fix it yourself

. Contact one of the companies who provide commerial support and
  sponsor them to fix it.



>Version: 5.5.9
>host: windows xp sp2, suse linux enterprise server 9 sp2
>compiler: vs.net 2003, gcc 3.3.3
>I integrated TProactor into ACE-5.5.9 and build my app based on it.
>app runs stable in debug version. But when I switched to release
>version, the compiler reports the following error:
>D:\ACE_wrappers\ace\os_include\os_intrin.h(48) : error C2733: second C
>linkage of overloaded function "_InterlockedExchange"
>D:\ACE_wrappers\ace\os_include\os_intrin.h(49) : error C2733: second C
>linkage of overloaded function "_InterlockedExchangeAdd"
>when I switched back to ACE-5.5.7, everything is ok.
>I found in the ACE-5.5.9 $ACE_ROOT\ace\os_include dir, there are two
>additional files os_byteswap.h and os_intrin.h (compared to
>ACE-5.5.7). And there is a new additional option
>ACE_HAS_INTRINSIC_INTERLOCKED. I guess it causes the C2733 compile
>error since there are no such files in 5.5.7.
>    when I compile ACE-5.5.8, I didn't define
>ACE_HAS_INTRINSIC_INTERLOCKED in the config.h file. I use Windows XP +
>Visual Studio 2003
>anybody can help ? thanks!

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