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joerg.rockel at nsn.com joerg.rockel at nsn.com
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Hello experts :),

I've got a question about the coexistence of the Bidirectional GIOP and the SSL protocol on TAO 1.4.10.
This answer is very crucial for our system design.
I hope you can help me with that.

Let's assume, we have a management system A and a target system B (running TAO 1.4.10 with SSLIOP) 
Both systems use bidir. GIOP and SSL.
Certificates are ONLY stored on target system B, system A does NOT store any certificates.

Management system A starts a Corba server (callback server) and target system B starts another Corba server (request server).

Now the management system A starts a client and initiates an SSL connection.
After the successful handshake (with server authentication) it sends a request to the target system B (request server).
In this message it sends the IOR of its own callback server.

After that the target system B sends a message to the callback server.

Does the TAO on  target system B REUSE the TCP/SSL connection, that is already build between A and B?
In other words: Is it possible to have only ONE SINGLE TCP/SSL connection between A and B?

Or do we need two separate connections, one for each direction?

And - is it possible to survive with certificates stored ONLY one the target system B?
Or does the management system A also need certificates?

Thank you for answering and

Best Regards,
                      Jörg Rockel

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