[ace-users] ACE-based project on Windows

Gonzalo Diethelm gonzalo.diethelm at diethelm.org
Fri Jun 29 09:58:14 CDT 2007

A warm hello to everyone,

After a long pause, I may need to get involved on a development project
using ACE on Windows (2003 server). I understand MSVC 6 support has been
dropped for some time now, but that is what I have, so I would like to
pose the following questions:

      * What is the latest ACE version that supported compilation on
        MSVC 6? How long ago in time was this?
      * If I decide to update my tools, what is the current version of
        MSVC that I should use? I only want C++, not C# or (gasp!) VB.
        Would it be possible to download a free version of MSVC from the
      * I will be using a subset of ACE for my project; off the top of
        my head: threads, acceptor and connector for two processes on
        the same machine, and maybe NT service support. Where can I read
        some docs regarding how to partition ACE to only have this
        subset of functionality?

Thanks and best regards,

Gonzalo Diethelm
gonzalo.diethelm at diethelm.org
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