[ace-users] Segmentation faultinACE_Select_Reactor_T::handle_error (with ACE 5.5.9)

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Jun 29 13:48:06 CDT 2007


>I'm getting -1 returned from remove_handler().  I assume that's bad.
>How can I find out why it's failing?

Set a breakpoint in your debugger and step through the code.



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>faultinACE_Select_Reactor_T::handle_error (with ACE 5.5.9)
>Hi Jules,
>> Actually, I spoke too soon.  Here's something I got from valgrind:
>> =3D=3D29898=3D=3D Invalid read of size 4
>Yup, that'd do it ;-)
>> This seems to indicate that a MessageReader (which is derived from
>> ACE_Event_Handler) gets deleted while still registered with the
>Yes, exactly.
>> But it should get cleaned up in handle_close():
>The evidence suggests that something remains not cleaned up. I'd have
>a closer look at the remove_handler() call with an eye toward how a
>handle could get left registered.

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