[Ace-users] [ace-users] Is ACE 5.6 compatible with windows vista

AMing Lau aming at ust.hk
Sun Nov 4 21:05:16 CST 2007

Douglas C. Schmidt wrote:
> Hi Tommy,
>> I have written a program using ACE which can be run normally on
>> Windows XP machine but fail on Windows Vista machine with(The
>> application fail to initialize the properly (0xc0000142)) error
>> message.  Does anyone met the same problem before?
> Not to my knowledge.  Have you tried running the various regression
> tests in ACE_ROOT/tests to see if they worked?
> Thanks,
>         Doug

hi Doug,

When I run the ACE_Init_Test, the log shows
"This is not a Win32 platform, test skipped"
Is it any problem?
Also in Bug_2609_Regressing_Test, it returns "LM_ERROR at Handler deleted 
in base class' handle_close()".


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