[Ace-users] [ace-users] Remedy IT adds VxWorks 6.4 PPC Kernel mode build to the scoreboard

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Mon Nov 5 13:30:44 CST 2007


We have added a VxWorks 6.4 PPC Kernel mode build to the scoreboard. The
build (VxWorks6.4_PPC604_Kernel) has the ACE tests enabled. The test results
do show 8 failing tests but this is not accurate. We have 3 test failing
because of NFS issues at our side (nothing todo with ACE), 3 tests failing
because of some issues in our target kernel and 1 false negative. If we have
addressed these false failing tests we have then 137 tests running perfect
and 1 that needs to be investigated.

We are currently working on adding the TAO tests to the build. Later this
week we will have more details about the status of those tests. If you are
interested in ACE/TAO on VxWorks feel free to contact us to discuss our


Johnny Willemsen
Remedy IT
Postbus 101
2650 AC  Berkel en Rodenrijs
The Netherlands
www.theaceorb.nl / www.remedy.nl  

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