[Ace-users] TAO Naming Service usage

Julek julekmen at go2.pl
Tue Nov 6 00:57:58 CST 2007

I have windows XP and I compiled newest stable TAO 1.5 on VS2005.
How to use Naming Service? I wanted to be able to set a static port
number for Naming Service. When I start Naming_service.exe, the
application starts a TCP server. I can connect to it using
NamingViewer.exe. But the problem is, the port changes each time I
start Naming_service.exe. I tried "-m 1" option - it opens a UDP
connection on a port 10013, but I can't connect to it. So my question
is - how to start Naming_service.exe that I will be able to connect to
it by using some predefined port number?

Thanks in advance,

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