[Ace-users] Problems with _out paramter

earthquake.de at freenet.de earthquake.de at freenet.de
Tue Nov 13 09:04:32 CST 2007

i have following problem:
Transmitting a struct:
struct MyStruct
CORBA::UShortSeq val1;
CORBA::UShortSeq val2;

This is defined in my IDL-file

To transmitt i have a method
getData(MyStruct_out mS)

On client side i create a new one
MyStruct_var mSC = new MyStruct();
and call:

On Sever side:
getData(MyStruct_out mS){
         MyStruct_var mSS = new MyStruct();
          //..set the length, fill the sequences
         mS = mSS.out();

So this dont work, (and i have probelms understanding the memoy
management too)

So how can i transmitt and copy the structure from server side to
client side?

Thank you for your help

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