[Ace-users] MPC: how to add linker flags

Stefan Naewe nospam at please.net
Wed Nov 21 03:58:42 CST 2007

ACE 5.6.1
MPC 3.5.18
Debian Linux

I simply want to pass flags to the linker run using MPC.
In my case it's '-Wl,-rpath $(ACE_ROOT)/lib' because I don't want to
fiddle with LD_LIBRARY_PATH

I tried:

<--- SNIP --->
project : aceexe {
  exename = rawsock_s
  includes += $(HOME)/src/boost_1_34_1
  linkflags = -Wl,-rpath $(ACE_ROOT)/lib
  Source_Files {
<--- SNAP --->

But 'mwc.pl -type gnuace file.mwc' gives me:
rawsock_s.mpc: line 6:
ERROR: Invalid addition name: linkflags

How can I achieve this.

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