[Ace-users] Can I make use of start-stop-daemon on Linux with ACE tp_reactor_logging_server?

kun niu haoniukun at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 10:16:17 CST 2007

On 11月21日, 下午9时07分, schm... at dre.vanderbilt.edu (Douglas C. Schmidt)
> Hi,
> >I'm trying to invoke C++NPv2 example provided by ACE 5.6 like this:
> >start-stop-daemon --start --exec ./tp_reactor_logging_server -- 9700
> >localhost
> >And I run the client provided by C++NPv1.
> >I can only input three lines and the client program exits.
> >No log file is created under C++NPv2 directory.
> >But if I run "./tp_reactor_logging_server 9700 localhost".
> >The program runs smoothly.
> >Can I run an ACE service in background with Service  Configuration
> >Framework?
> Sure, but it's not clear what the "start-stop-daemon" command is doing!
> Doug
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Thank you for your fast reply.
It's a bit strange to me that with the start-stop-daemon command the
client can only input three lines of log.
Then it'll exit.
Now I've changed my start-stop-daemon command as the following:
sudo /sbin/start-stop-daemon --start -b -m -p /var/run/tp.pid --exec ./
tp_reactor_logging_server -c root -- 9700 localhost
And now the client can connect and input as many log line as possible.
But still, I can't find localhost.log anywhere.
Do I have to redirect my log to somewhere else?
By simply typing ./tp_reactor_logging_server 9700 localhost, I can see
the log file.
What should I do so that I can find my .log file with start-stop-

Thanks again for your reply.

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