[Ace-users] Need Suggestion for building a distributed platform based on ACE

duke lianwu.pan at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Nov 25 21:10:26 CST 2007

thanks for your comments.
It seems that TAO already has everything that i want.
my concern is that the performance of TAO.
our spec is pretty simple. just Linux+C++.
do not need to support other languages. but has large
volume of network transport in local network.

On Nov 26, 1:56 am, schm... at dre.vanderbilt.edu (Douglas C. Schmidt)
> Hi,
> >My project need a lightweight distributed platform. TAO is just too
> >big and complicated for us.
> TAO is actually quite straightforward to learn.  You don't need to
> understand all of it in order to use the key parts.  Moreover, there's
> plenty of good documentation available on how to use it since it's
> based on the CORBA standard.  I suspect that by the time you build
> your own distributed platform it will be at least as complicated to
> use as TAO!
> >I am new to ACE, and i have a basic idea of how to build my platform
> >on ACE but just need some suggestion from you to make sure that if it
> >is possible to build such a platform.
> >Basic idea of our platform is like below:
> >. Dynamic configurable service and partition. same service maybe run
> >on different server with different partition.  every service will register its host and
> >port on a NET_LOCAL naming
> > service. then the client that use these services can locate them by
> >query the naming service.
> >does it possible?  or ACE already provide utility to register and
> >locate service dynamically.
> Yes, ACE does provide this capability via its Naming Service, which is
> available in ACE_ROOT/netsvcs/.  Note, however, that it's easier and
> more standard to do this with TAO's Naming Service.
> >. RMI/serialize. The client will use RMI to communicate with service.
> >does ACE provide a
> >  RMI interface or any basic component that i can use to build a RMI ?
> Yes - it's called "The ACE ORB" (TAO)..  You could always build up
> your own RMI capabilities using the same ACE frameworks and wrapper
> facade classes that TAO uses.  If you go this route I recommend you
> check out the material in the POSA2 and POSA4 books
> <www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/POSA>, as well as the ACE C++NP books
> <www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/ACE/>.
> >. Message queue/Channel: also i need a persistent channel to store the
> >data. i know
> >ACE provide message queue lib. but it seems it is not persistent.
> >any suggestion?
> TAO provides an implementation of the CORBA Persistent State Service
> (PSS), which you might want to check out.
> Thanks,
>         Doug
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