[Ace-users] important

Shirish shirishgupta7 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 14:33:32 CST 2007

Hello everyone.
We are a group of people doing a research on middlewares.
Middlewares are really very interesting thing if you read more about
it. We all use middlewares in our daily lives n that too very
We are doing a web survey regarding middlewares. Please dont take this
lightly. This survey will be used to interpret important results about
middlewares and hence will be beneficial for all of us. As you all use
middlewares you must be facing some problems and to get rid of these
problems, You can include your problems and difficulties in "comment
and suggestion" place. As the result of this survey is interpreted we
will include your comments and suggestion to make middleware more
efficient and better.
Kindly visit www.swtech.njit.edu and help us to cater you better.
I hope to see a positive response from you all.
Please have a look and i m sure u will help us in bringing up this

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