[Ace-users] [tao-users] How to Build ACE+TAO with Visual Studio 6

Steve Totten totten_s at ociweb.com
Thu Nov 29 23:52:16 CST 2007

Adam Mitz wrote:

> You can use 1.4a with VC6, see http://theaceorb.com/downloads/1.4a for the
> download link (make sure to get the "1.4a current" version, that's the
> latest patch).  The FAQ at
> http://theaceorb.com/faq/index.html#HowToBuildACEandTAOonWindows contains
> the step-by-step procedure, but you've already done this for 1.5a so you
> know how.  Just replace TAO_ACE.sln with TAOACE.sln in 1.4a.

Actually, for VC6, you will need to use TAOACE.dsw.  The .dsw
and .dsp files for VC6 should already exist in the TAO 1.4a 
distribution.  If for some reason they are not in the distribution
you download, you can generate them with MPC (you'll need Perl):

%ACE_ROOT%\bin\mwc.pl -type vc6 TAOACE.mwc

Good luck!
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