[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] Error trying to return valuetype inherited fromanother one

Jeff Parsons j.parsons at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Oct 3 06:30:30 CDT 2007


The CIAO CIDL compiler already registers data-only eventtypes
automatically, if they are used in an event port. I don't
think it would be hard to extend this code generation to
cover all valuetypes included directly or indirectly in the
.cidl file. But it should probably be controlled by command
line option - sometimes it might lead to a lot of generated
code that's unwanted.


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> Hi Santos,
> Thanks for using the PRF!
> santos . <sanntosn at gmail.com> writes:
> > After
> > some research I believe that this exception occurs because 
> I'm registering
> > only the DataBase factory in the Manager component ORB and 
> I'm returning a
> > Data component from the get_data method. But I wouldn't 
> like to register the
> > Data valuetype in the Manager ORB because I would have to 
> do that for every
> > new component type that provided the ITransferData facet.
> Unfortunately that's how CORBA valuetypes work in C++. I 
> wonder it it would
> be a good idea to provide a TAO extension to allow automatic 
> registration
> of "data-only" valuetypes. If someone is interested, I can 
> sketch out how
> things might work.
> > So I want to try to use the truncatable option in the 
> valuetype declaration
> I don't think you want this. In your case the receiver of the 
> truncated
> valuetype will only get the base valuetype data.
> Boris
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