[Ace-users] Re: [ciao-users] Error trying to return valuetype inherited fromanother one

Boris Kolpackov boris at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Oct 3 10:43:07 CDT 2007

Hi Jeff,

Jeff Parsons <j.parsons at vanderbilt.edu> writes:

> The CIAO CIDL compiler already registers data-only eventtypes
> automatically, if they are used in an event port.

Well, this approach won't work for cases like Santos' where
the interface uses a base valuetype/eventtype but the actual
instances passed are of derived types.

> I don't think it would be hard to extend this code generation
> to cover all valuetypes included directly or indirectly in the
> .cidl file.

Why not do it in IDL instead of CIDL so that TAO users benefit
as well?


Boris Kolpackov
Code Synthesis Tools CC
Open-Source, Cross-Platform C++ XML Data Binding

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