[Ace-users] Re: [tao-users] AMI client stub _cxx_delete_excep member unknown

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Oct 8 18:52:37 CDT 2007


>My AMI client stub compilation fails with the following error :

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>In static member function ‘static void
>Messaging::ReplyHandler*, CORBA::ULong)’:
>error: ‘class Gulf::CorbaBee::AMI_Bee_Cmd_FacadeHandler’ has no member
>named ‘_cxx_delete_excep’
>The _cxx_delete_reply_stub method calls _cxx_delete_excep within the
>generated stub implementation file. However _cxx_delete_excep is not
>declared/defined anywhere. The cxx_delete_excep member is
>declared/defined instead (i.e., without the leading underscore).
>Here is the compilation command line :
>i686-7304lcvmp-linux-gnu-g++ -I/users/greg/dev/wd/gulf-corba-bee-cnx/src
>- -I/users/greg/dev/wd/gulf-corba-bee-cnx/include
>- -MD -Wall -O2 -DACE_NDEBUG -o
>- -c
>Stubs and skeletons are generated using :
>i686-7304lcvmp-linux-gnu-tao_idl -o
>- -Ge 0 -Sa -St -H perfect_hash -g
>- -hc "C.hpp" -hs "S.hpp" -GC -GIh "I.hpp"
>The idl file is pretty simple :
>module Gulf {
>     module CorbaBee {
>          struct Inet_Ap {
>               unsigned long   addr; // network address
>               octet           mask; // network mask
>          };
>          interface Bee_Cmd_Facade {
>               boolean create_inet_ap(in unsigned long tid,
>                                      in unsigned long oid,
>                                      in Inet_Ap ap);
>               boolean delete(in unsigned long tid,
>                              in unsigned long oid);
>          };
>     };
>Has anybody come across this kind of error ? Is it a known bug or did I
>miss something ?
>Any help would be highly appreciated.
>Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)
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