[Ace-users] TAO/CORBA: Way to find out if a CORBA client is still alive?

antred NutJob at gmx.net
Tue Oct 9 08:30:10 CDT 2007


Does anyone know of a way to check (on the server side, obviously) if
a CORBA client is still alive?  I have a CORBA servers that takes
measures to ensure that only CORBA client at a time can do certain
things. I'm using a thread-per-connection model and store the thread
ID of a the client thread that is deemed the current 'owner' of a lock
which must be acquired before some of the operations provided by my
server can be called. When another client thread tries to acquire this
lock I want to check if the current owner is still connected or not.
Is there a way to do this? I've head of the _non_existent() function
but I was told that this requires the clients to implement a CORBA
server, too, and this is simply not possible in my case. Thanks in
advance for any helpful replies!


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