[Ace-users] Event Service between Linux and windows

srinath duraisamy srinathduraisamy.lcs at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 08:47:03 CDT 2007

Is there any other suggestions, why the event service is not
recieiving on the client side?
I checked out the CosEventService with debug mode it is trying to
publis the event but the following error shows?
The error is

Transport_Cache_Manager::find_i, no idle transport is available
TAO (7516|3085843360) - Transport_Cache_Manager::fill_set_i,
current_size = 4, cache_maximum = 512
TAO (7516|3085843360) - IIOP_Connector::make_connection, to
<> which should block
TAO (7516|3085843360) -
Transport_Connector::wait_for_connection_completion, going to wait for
connection completion on transport[167497824]
TAO (7516|3085843360) - Leader_Follower[167497824]::wait_for_event,
(leader) enter reactor event loop
TAO (7516|3085843360) - Leader_Follower[167497824]::wait_for_event,
(leader) exit reactor event loop
TAO (7516|3085843360) -
Transport_Connector::wait_for_connection_completion, transport
[167497824], wait done result = -1
TAO (7516|3085843360) -
Transport_Connector::wait_for_connection_completion, transport
[167497824], wait for completion failed
TAO (7516|3085843360) - IIOP_Connector::make_connection, wait for
completion failed
TAO (7516|3085843360) - IIOP_Connector::make_connection, connection to
<> failed (errno: Transport endpoint is not connected)
TAO (7516|3085843360) - Transport[167497824]::cleanup_queue_i,
cleaning up complete queue
(7516|3085843360) EXCEPTION, during
system exception, ID 'IDL:omg.org/CORBA/TRANSIENT:1.0'
OMG minor code (2), described as 'No usable profile in IOR.',
completed = NO

Is there any other suggestions for this error?


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