[Ace-users] [ace-users] Problem in vxWorks6.2 porting

Thomas Lockhart Thomas.Lockhart at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Oct 10 16:02:39 CDT 2007

So you have been building and using ACE-5.5.0 with an earlier version of 
VxWorks? Which version(s)? Or are you porting from another platform?

I'm working on porting our TAO-1.2.1 VxWorks code to TAO-1.6.1 (1.3.x 
and 1.4.x were broken; not sure about 1.5.1) and it is reputed that 
TAO-1.5.4 is the last version to work with VxWorks-5.5.x. I'm not sure 
about what versions work with VxWorks-6.2, but so far the builds against 
TAO-1.6.1 are going fairly smoothly.

If anyone is trying to build ACE/TAO-x.6.1 against VxWorks-6.x with 
shared library support I can send patches to the ACE/TAO makefiles which 
seem to help.

- Tom

Thomas Lockhart
Supervisor, Realtime Software Group
Interferometry and Large Optical Systems

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