[Ace-users] [tao-users] [TAO]: AMI+DSI+AMH facility usage ...a few problems, and their fixes

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Fri Oct 12 23:44:48 CDT 2007


Thanks for using the PRF form. Try using valgrind to detect the cause of the
leaks. If you have patches, store them in bugzilla (see


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"Venkat" <swara101 at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:<1192217993.995703.89560 at v29g2000prd.googlegroups.com>...
> Hello TAO team,
>   Following is the PRF details for the problem
>     TAO VERSION: 1.6.1
>     ACE VERSION: 5.6.1
>         amd64, NetBSD 3.1
>     TARGET MACHINE and OPERATING SYSTEM, if different from HOST:
>              same
>    THE $ACE_ROOT/ace/config.h FILE [if you use a link to a platform-
> specific file, simply state which one]:
>                  config-netbsd.h
>     THE $ACE_ROOT/include/makeinclude/platform_macros.GNU FILE :
>       platform_netbsd.GNU
>     CONTENTS OF $ACE_ROOT/bin/MakeProjectCreator/config/
> default.features
>               ssl=1
>             tao/DynamicInterface
>             TAO/tests/DSI_AMH
>             TAO/tests/DSI_AMI_Gateway
>        COMPILATION? No
>        LINKING? No
>        EXECUTION? Yes
>        TAO and application are effected
>        Following problems are seen:
> (1) Incorrect implementation of TAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_var, and
> other miscellaneous
> (2)  Mostly Memory related problems - Several types of memory leaks
> (3)  Incorrect usage of amh_response_handler_allocator() at
> application (tests)
>         While verifying the DIS/AMI/AMH features via TAO/tests/
> DSI_AMH, TAO/tests/DSI_AMI_Gateway, I came across several types of
> problems related to memory management. I have not done exhaustive
> tests, though - various exceptions generations. I notice several TODO
> comments, so there probably is intent to evolve the code in future.
>         With some changes I made, I am successful in running and
> removing several memory leaks. Most of my testing at this time is
> limited to "normal" behavior; that is, no exceptions are generated in
> the gateway or passed through gateway. I would pursue this later.
>         Unfortunately, I'm still seeing some memory leaks. I'm very
> sure that there are no leaks - in the tests I've performed - in test
> programs nor in the response and reply handlers. How could I say
> that?
>         I have taken 5.5.7/1.5.7 release, and ran the same tests with
> the same changes I attached to this PRF. I ran the client for a few
> thousands of iterations, and there is no process memory growth.
> Without my fixes, I see lots of process growth.
>         I notice changes in the guts of tao (/orb) between the
> releases. It's too big a space to cover by me. I don't have any memory
> leak too at this time for my platform!
>      Any help in knowing/fixing the leaks is very appreciated.
>     REPEAT BY:
>         I've fixes, but I dont' see an option to attach to this post.
> (somehow my direct post to tao-bugs is reflected. I subscribed to it.)
> Thanks
> Venkat

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