[Ace-users] [ace-users] Subject: Trading services doesn't work properly when amultihomed Mac client is configured to use an ethernet portconnected to a private network.

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Sat Oct 13 00:15:01 CDT 2007


> The brief summary of what I found is that IIOP and SCIOP both 
> implement
> -ORBEnforcePreferredInterfaces, however UIPMC ignores the preferred
> interfaces argument and instead always configures UIPMC connections
> using a wildcard address.  My questions are, is my
> analysis/understanding correct, and if so, is there a plan to 
> implement
> the -ORBEnforcePreferredInterfaces option for UIPMC in the future?  If
> my understanding is flawed, please let me know what steps to take to
> make multihomed nic selection work for UIPMC.  Thanks!

There are no plans to add this option to UIPMC at this moment. You have two
options, hire a commercial support company to implement this and add it to
TAO or do it yourself and then put the patches in bugzilla.


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