[Ace-users] error occurs when app exit in ACE_Connector::cancel

hongxing777 at gmail.com hongxing777 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 05:01:48 CDT 2007

ACE version 5.6.1
Host windows xp sp2
Compiler ms visual studio 2003

In my app,I calls Reconnect in  ACE_Svc_Handler::handle_close. So when
the server side is not running, my app tries to connect again and
agian. The main thread is blocking in run_reactor_event_loop. After
100 times trail,  end the reactor event loop  from ACE_Svc_Handler.
so the app exits.
Before exit, it calls connector.cancel(&sh);
than an run time error appears and say unhandled exception in
dbgheap.c: Microsoft C++ exception: __non_rtti_object @ 0x0012ee9c。
>From the stack, I can trace into the following code in connector.cpp:
  NBCH *nbch =
    dynamic_cast<NBCH *> (handler);   <-----------------------------
error here

the Reconnect function is as following:
MyConnector::Reconnect(CMyHandler *sh)
	ACE_Time_Value to(5);
	ACE_Synch_Options	options(ACE_Synch_Options::USE_REACTO, to);
	if(this->connect(sh_, server_addr, options) == -1 &&
ACE_OS::last_error() != EWOULDBLOCK)
		return -1;

	return 0;

handle_close is as following:
int CMyHandler::handle_close( ACE_HANDLE handle, ACE_Reactor_Mask

	super::handle_close(handle, mask);

I use the dynamic allocated ACE_Svc_Handler object when calling

Is it an problem of ACE or my problem?
Where to call Reconnect to implement the nonblocking reconnect
strategy in ACE_Svc_Handler and how to exit my app gracefully?


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