[Ace-users] [ciao-users] Hello example addition

Sowayan, Abdullah (N-DUA) abdullah.sowayan at lmco.com
Thu Oct 25 11:04:45 CDT 2007


I just noticed the following commit a few minutes ago:

Thu Oct 25 15:44:50 UTC 2007  Friedhelm Wolf  <fwolf at dre.vanderbilt.edu>

        * examples/Hello/descriptors_events:     
          Added scripts and README files for documentation purposes

Some bash files (such as the below) were added to the events example to
help run the examples


The contents of the shells are trivial (one line to start execute a
command). Bash shells only run under Linux/Unix environments (unless you
install things like Cygwin under Windows). Should those simple bash
script be converted to perl so this stuff will be portable (and user can
run this stuff from windows)?


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