[Ace-users] pread/pwrite implementation for ACE_HAS_WINNT4 performance

daniel.schenk at schiller.ch daniel.schenk at schiller.ch
Tue Oct 30 05:12:27 CDT 2007


in ace\OS_NS_unistd.cpp the ACE_WIN32 implementation of ACE_OS::pread
1. ACE_OS_GUARD to synchronize access
2. gets the current file pointer, set it to the desired offset and
restores it after reading

Both should be unnecessary if ACE_HAS_WINNT4 is defined.
Because ::ReadFile is used with an OVERLAPPED structure. ::ReadFile
will set the offset internally, which is passed inside the OVERLAPPED
structure. Therefore there will be no need for synchronization by
This will mean that the current implementation for  ACE_HAS_WINNT4
unnecessarily calls  SetFilePointer 3 times and locks, which will of
course slow down the performance.
The same will be true for ACE_OS::pwrite.

Please correct me, if I'm wrong. Otherwise I would appreciate if you
could change the code.

best regards

Daniel Schenk

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