[Ace-users] [ciao-users] Component stoping with Dance

James, Steven steven.james at logicacmg.com
Mon Sep 3 10:03:03 CDT 2007

Hi Group,

I have a couple of questions relating to component control which I hope
the group can resolve.


We need to be able to stop and start specific CCM components for example
if a composed component had three elements all of which run in their own
process space or (NodeApplication). These components maybe on the same
or different physical host. Assume that the components are a logger,
data archiver and event distributor. If we want to restart the data
archiver say due to an error or because the component has gone into a
non nominal state. We do not want to stop the logger and event
distributor as they are being used by other system components. What is
the best way to achieve this? Bearing in mind this needs to be done from
a monitoring and control MMI application. 

I have looked at the deployment idl files and am guessing that to stop
it I could use 


What is the result of this call? 
How is a restart performed? 
If it can be done like this does the target manager store its IOR in NS
or TradingService?

Many Thanks,


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