[ace-users] Doxygen

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Tue Sep 4 01:53:08 CDT 2007


We think this is an issue in doxygen. We had this in the past with other
classes. Maybe you can try to reproduce this isolated and report it to the
doxygen author?


"BMacD" <bruce at bkmacd.com> wrote in message
news:<1188859077.715629.313180 at 22g2000hsm.googlegroups.com>...
> Thanks for another great release!  All builds fine on WinXP / VC8, as
> expected, but...
> While looking at the RW lock classes, I noticed that some of the class
> documentation appears to be missing.  It looks like doxygen has
> generated the "file" documentation for all the source files but has
> not generated the class documentation for the RW_Mutex and
> RW_Thread_Mutex classes.  The RW_Process_Mutex documentation has been
> generated correctly.
> This is from the ACE_html.zip file downloaded a few hours ago (it says
> version 5.6.0 on the main page of the ACE Library section).  File size
> 206,458,001. Unzipped with WinZip Pro 11.1.
> Cheers,
> Bruce

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