[Ace-users] ACE, RMCast, TMCast MinGW Developer Studio project.

Saul srodriguez at innovative-dsp.com
Tue Sep 4 17:57:06 CDT 2007

OS: Windows XP, not sure what winsock version.
Compiler: we compile under Borland BCB 6, Borland Turbo10,
MSVC .net2003 and MSVC .net2005; and the new addition: MinGW. We use
all those compilers
Contents of config.h:
//  ACE Config.h   Borland C++ 6.0 ACE header
#include "ace/config-win32.h"

I have no problem with supplied examples.

We have successfully used ACE libs under MSVC and Borland. Now we are
trying to use them under MinGW.
I have downloaded MinGW Developer Studio ver 2.05 We have g++.exe
dated 9/21/04.

I have not found a MinGW project for ACE, RMCast, nor TMCast. Does
anyone has it ?
This is for a comercial product.

As a secondary issue, I get compiler warnings when compiling our own
library (under MinGW), these warnings do not come from our source code
(which uses ACE) but from the ACE source. I am attaching one of the
warnings ( I get nine and all of them are along the same root cause):

warning: 'int ACE_OS::thread_mutex_unlock(ACE_thread_mutex_t*)'
defined locally after being referenced with dllimport linkage

Thank you.
God bless you,

Saul Rodriguez

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