[ace-users] Ace on VxWorks 5.4.2 / Tornado 2.0.2

Thomas Lockhart Thomas.Lockhart at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 6 19:59:47 CDT 2007

> Can anyone advise?

We have been using TAO-1.2.1 in production on PPC604 and 
VxWorks-5.4.x/5.5.x for several years. Our build environment is 
cross-compiling from Solaris or Linux, using either the patched compiler 
from Wind River (it ain't exactly 2.7.x) or a patched compiler we built 
ourselves (not recommended; I'll look at the link you included).

Anyway, it works for us, though we patch TAO to get around loader 
limitations on VxWorks which cause trouble with singletons (we also 
would patch the most recent versions of TAO since VxWorks continues to 
have those limitations).

I believe that TAO-1.5.4 is supported for VxWorks-5.5.x, but definitely 
not for that old and brain-dead compiler; you will be stuck with using 
old versions of TAO. I know that TAO-1.4.1 does not work with VxWorks 
(there are issues with socket connections).

Let me know if you need the TAO tarball or want the patches we use.

                          - Tom

Thomas Lockhart
Supervisor, Realtime Software Group
Interferometry and Large Optical Systems

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