[ace-users] Mailslots in ACE

Steve Huston shuston at riverace.com
Fri Sep 7 13:25:06 CDT 2007

Hi folks,

> > Hey friends,i m right now using ACE library to develop a
> > communication class which supports Windows as well as Linux
> > platform. I wanted to know whether ACE library has classes for
> > implementation of MailSlot?


> > Is mailslot supported in Linux?


> > If yes
> > then please tell me the name of the classes in ACE library which i
> > can use for the develpment of MailSlot.
> What is a mailslot?

(I had to look this one up...) it's an IPC mechanism, very simple, and
one-way. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MailSlot

It's certainly possible for you to implement a MailSlot protocol using
ACE, though, and that would be portable. I'm not sure how easy it
would be to make this interoperable with Windows's mailslot facility

Good luck,


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