[Ace-users] where is "lseek" and "strcpy"?

LewGun at gmail.com LewGun at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 23:41:22 CDT 2007

    I am a freshman in ACE,  when I compiled  the "spawn"  int the
ch10  of  APG  with ACE + TAO 5.6 and VS2003. the compiler told me "
'error C2039: "lseek/strcpy " :not a member of 'ACE_OS' ".
     so i searched the source code in the file of '"ace".
Unfortunately I couldn.t find anything about
the two functions's definition!
     i searched it on google and yahoo.but there is no good news for
    who can tell me what is the matter ? where are the two functions?

    thanks for your help!

       ps:  the code that lead to the case is at blow

            Manager (const ACE_TCHAR* program_name)
             ACE_TRACE (ACE_TEXT ("Manager::Manager"));
             ACE_OS::strcpy (programName_, program_name);
         if (ACE_OS::lseek (this->outputfd_, 0, SEEK_SET) == -1)


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