[Ace-users] Re: Files created for USYNC_PROCESS mutexes

nglasser at cantata.com nglasser at cantata.com
Mon Sep 10 14:41:55 CDT 2007

>>We run on Windows, Redhat Linux ES/AS 3.0+, and Solaris 9+. On Linux and
>>Solaris, we see the following.
> Can you please be more specific about which operating systems
> you're seeing this on, e.g., does Windows behave the same way as the
> UNIX platforms, do all the UNIX platforms have the same problem, etc.?

Windows does not show this. We have only been running this on Linux
ES/AS 3.0+ and Solaris 9+ (Sparc), and do see it on those platforms,
as far as I know, they behave identically.

> My guess is that you're simply seeing a consequence of the way in
> which process-level locks are implemented on some platforms, but it
> would be helpful if you could provide more info.

I'll provide whatever information you think might be helpful.

For what it's worth, in case it wasn't clear, it is not our intention
to have the mutex remain locked if there are no longer any processes
running. When the last process using the mutex is running, we'd like
the mutex to unlock or even disappear entirely. The problem is that
it remains locked, apparently due to the existence of the file.


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