[ace-users] ACE Build: Linking issues while building ACEonWindowsXP SP2 / Visual Studio 2005 Express

Adam Mitz mitza at ociweb.com
Tue Sep 11 09:04:06 CDT 2007

Sarcar, Shourya C (GE Healthcare) wrote:
> You are right ... Actually I needed user32.lib also since it seems to
> contain some functions related to WFMO
Yes, user32 has the Win32 user interface functions.  ACE is using 
*Msg*WaitForMultipleObjects() in Msg_WFMO_Reactor.{h,cpp,inl}.  This is 
a GUI-event-loop integrated reactor just like you'd have for X11 on Unix 
(you can disable it in your config.h if you're not using it).

In any case you should make sure that CoreWin.vsprops is set up as 
specified in the MSDN documentation 
(http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/express/aa700755.aspx).  It doesn't 
hurt to have all those libraries listed since the linker will ignore 
anything you're not using.

Adam Mitz
Software Engineer
Object Computing, Inc.

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