[Ace-users] Re: Files created for USYNC_PROCESS mutexes

nglasser at cantata.com nglasser at cantata.com
Thu Sep 13 12:35:16 CDT 2007

Thanks. I moved to ACE_Process_Mutex, and both the file went
away and the problem with the mutex remaining locked if
the program terminates abnormally. I think we're good.

Some comments:
1) Probably by going through the ACE code sufficiently one
could determine that ACE_Mutex with USYNC_PROCESS was not
at all the same as ACE_Process_Mutex, but one who does not
take the trouble to do so could easily believe that they are
pretty much the same thing.
2) Having an implementation of a mutex in which a process
terminating abnormally leaves the mutex held forever is
not a robust implementation.


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