[Ace-users] Re: [tao-users] OpenDDS problem

Adam Mitz mitza at ociweb.com
Fri Sep 14 10:00:10 CDT 2007

2) I can look into it.  Just looking at MPC.cfg, I'm not sure why this 
is happening since it uses $DDS_ROOT.

1) There are mailing lists hosted by sourceforge, they are described on 
this page:
These are preferable to support at ociweb.com.  support at ociweb.com is 
primarily for commercial support (but we also accept general inquiries 
there).  Someone from OCI will be monitoring the sourceforge lists.
I agree with Jeff that you can also CC tao-users since the ACE/TAO 
community at-large may be interested, unless there are major objections 
to this...

Adam Mitz
Software Engineer
Object Computing, Inc.

Jeff Parsons wrote:
> Hi Abdul,
> These things should be sent to support at ociweb.com,
> although it can still be CC'd to tao-users since
> some folks might want to keep track of the issue.
> If that doesn't get any action, let me know and
> I'll ping somebody at OCI directly.
> Jeff 
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>> Hi Folks,
>> TAO VERSION: 1.6.0
>> OpenDDS VERSION: 1.0
>> 1) 
>> Should we post such questions on TAO's users or else where?
>> 2)
>> When we extract OpenDDS to a directory named OpenDDS (and yes, we do
>> define DDS_ROOT environment variable correctly) and generate our make
>> files, we get the following error message:
>> mwc.pl -type gnuace VLS.mwc
>> Using
>> .../5.6.0_static/ACE_wrappers/bin/MakeProjectCreator/config/MPC.cfg
>> DDS_ROOT was used in the configuration file, but was not defined.
>> Generating 'gnuace' output using VLS.mwc
>> When we place OpenDDS in a directory called DDS, everything 
>> works fine.
>> We've gone ahead and changed all the directories of OpenDDS 
>> to be named
>> DDS. We thought we'd inform you about this bug.
>> Thanks,
>> Abdul
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