[Ace-users] [ciao-users] ACE+TAO+CIAO x.6.1 now available

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Wed Sep 19 09:14:07 CDT 2007

Hi all,

Thanks to the efforts of many developers, testers, and users, we are
pleased to announce the latest ACE+TAO+CIAO x.6.1 release, which is a
"bug fix only" (BFO) release that corrects defects found with the x.6
release but adds no new functionality, thereby ensuring stability.  The
x.6.1 release is available from the same download location as per the
previous x.6 release at


under the heading "Latest BFO Beta".

The doxygen documentation for the release is also available.  The
prebuild cidlc binaries will be available tomorrow.  In addition to the
packages combined of sources and generate makefiles, this release also
provides source-only packages for the group of users who use MPC to
generate their own makefiles.

We encourage you to download the new release, use it with your
applications, and let us know if you encounter any problems. Please use


so that we have the proper version/platform/compiler/options you're
using to report problems. We also request that you take a look at:


for the status of various ongoing projects at the DOC groups of WashU,
UCI, and Vanderbilt to move ACE+TAO+CIAO forward.  Overviews of our
recent progress and upcoming plans are available at:


The overall success rates for the test results gathered from all our
daily builds is 98% for the ACE tests and 95% for the TAO tests.  Please


for a summary of these tests.  As always, we appreciate your help in
resolving any remaining problems.  Please see:


for an overview of our bug fixing policies.  Moreover, please see


for information commercial support services available from various

The following is a list of key changes since the last beta. Please refer
to the corresponding ChangeLog files, NEWS files or Bugzilla entries for
more details on the problem and the nature of fixes applied.

Changes to ACE

. Added support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

. Added support for CodeGear C++ Builder 2007 Update 3

. Modified the definiton of ACE_DEFAULT_THREAD_KEYS on Windows so it
  is based on the version of the OS as defined by Microsoft in this web
  page: http://tinyurl.com/2jqcmd

. Make use of 64bit instructions on Intel EM64T like done already on AMD

. Improved autoconf support

Changes to TAO

. Made TAO more compliant to CORBA/e micro

. Fixed invalid code generation by the IDL compiler when the options -Sa -St
  and -GA are combined

Changes to CIAO

. Fixed broken static deployment support

Bugzilla Bug Fixes

ACE bugs fixed:

2753, 2985, 3072

TAO bugs fixed:


CIAO bugs fixed:


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