[ace-users] Naming Service problem

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Sat Sep 22 08:48:54 CDT 2007

Hi Vishnu,

>Is CosNaming::Name name;
>is different from
>CosNaming::Name name(2);


>Sure I will upgrade to latest version of TAO and CIAO, 

Great - please do that.

>but I have been
>facing this problem in earlier version of TAO as well.

Right- your code is incorrect.

>So where am wrong in syntax or semantic understanding of this Name

Please follow my instructions below:

>> Please take a look at the Henning and Vinoski book on "Advanced CORBA
>> Programming with C++" or McHale's "CORBA Explained Simply"
>> <http://www.ciaranmchale.com/download/corba-explained-simply.pdf> for
>> more info.


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