[Ace-users] Re: [tao-users] warning C4244

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Sun Sep 30 11:13:41 CDT 2007


Always use the PRF form when reporting issues. I haven't check the code, but
probably a ACE::Truncate has to be used to reduced the type from 64bit to
32bit. We have more 64bit conversion warnings in the tests, they are not
doing any harm and we want to address them, but that is a time consuming
process. If you can supply patches to fix this warning we will add them to
the distribution.


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<MarcinHerod at gmail.com> wrote in message
news:<1190985684.930481.316760 at o80g2000hse.googlegroups.com>...
> Hi, I used ACE/TAO 5.6/1.6 with Visual Studio 6 and now I tried to
> compile the ACE/TAO with Visual Studio 2005 and during compile I have
> this warning:
> Compiling...
> testC.cpp
> client.cpp
> .\client.cpp(98) : warning C4244: '=' : conversion from 'time_t' to
> 'ACE_RANDR_TYPE', possible loss of data Generating Code...
> Compiling manifest to resources...
> Linking...
>    Creating library .\client.lib and object .\client.exp Embedding
> manifest...
> It occurs in TAO test: OctetSeq_Client.

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