[Ace-users] Notification Service Network Disconnect

jack.gold at baesystems.com jack.gold at baesystems.com
Mon Feb 4 07:33:33 CST 2008

I am new to ACE/TAO and CORBA and I am having a problem understanding
the QoS policies.  I have a server running on Fedora Core Linux and
two separate clients running on windows machines.  The server
application connects to the notification service and the clients
receive dispatches.  This all seems to work fine.  At first, if I
killed one of my client applications, the other application would stop
receiving dispatches.  When I implemented the QoS Timeout feature
along with the ThreadPool and DispatchThreads, my secondary client
continues to receive the dispatches as it should.  Unfortunately, I
noticed that if I disconnect the Ethernet cable to one of the clients,
the client that is still connected, once again, stops receiving
dispatches.  If I reconnect the cable, it takes up to two minutes to
begin receiving again.  Is this a configuration problem with the
notification service? or is there something in the underlying linux
that I need to be looking at?

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