[Ace-users] [tao-users] Query on Corba

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Feb 11 07:26:24 CST 2008

Hi ,

> I am going through Detailed Comparison of CORBA, DCOM and Java/RMI.
> I have one query regarding on these technologies.


> Actually when i am browsing I got some information that CORBA supports
> primitive data types, and a wide range of data structures, as
> parameters


> what I learned for this, we can't pass user defined C++ class data
> types. Is this correct conclusion?

No, that's incorrect.  CORBA supports so-called "objects by value"
(OBV), which supports passing of user-defined C++ class data types.
Please see the discussion of OBV in the open-source book at


> Is there any Distributed object computing language which support to
> pass the user defined Class object from one process to another
> process.

Sure - CORBA!


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