[Ace-users] [tao-users] Query on Corba

Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Feb 12 08:00:55 CST 2008


> Thanks for you information.
> I have one more doubt on performance.
> Can we have valuetype having valuetype data in it?

Sure, that's doable.

> For example
> valuetype  day{
> short year;
> short month;
> short date;
> void next day();
> void previous day();
> }
> valuetype day_notes {
>     string notes;
>     string get_note();
> }
> valuetype today {
>       valuetype day d;
>       valuetype day_note *notes;
> };
> In above example valuetype today  contain two valuetypes of day and
> day_note. Is it supported?

Yes, though you'll need to read more about valuetypes to get the syntax
right since there are not pointers in OMG IDL.

> On performance i have one query.
> Suppose there is Interface function
> valuetype today get_today_special()
> Will performance effected if we use the Objects by Value like that?

What do you mean by "performance effected", i.e., compared to what?
Also, are you planning on using C++ or Java?

> I am asking since, when we doing marshallingand unmarshalling. we have
> to do all the valuetype today in the request, so it has to pack both
> valuetype day and valuetype day_note also. Am I correct?

Yes, indeed.

Take care,


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